2020 Primary and General Election Dates

2020 State and Presidential Election Voting Dates, by State**

DateStateDem Del.GOP Del.Type
Tue, Mar 3Alabama primary5250Open
Sat, Apr 4Alaska Democratic primary14Closed
Tue, Mar 3Alaska Republican convention28Closed
Tue, Mar 3American Samoa Democratic caucus6Closed
Tue, Mar 24American Samoa Republican caucuses6Closed
Tue, Mar 17Arizona Democratic primary67Closed
Tue, Mar 3Arkansas primary3140Open
Tue, Mar 3California primary416172Mixed
Tue, Mar 3Colorado primary6737Open
Tue, Apr 28Connecticut primary4928Closed
Tue, Apr 28Delaware primary1716Closed
Tue, Mar 3Democrats Abroad (to 3/10)13Closed
Tue, Jun 2District of Columbia primary2019Open
Tue, Mar 17Florida primary219122Closed
Tue, Mar 24Georgia primary10576Open
Sat, May 2Guam Democratic caucuses6Closed
Sat, Mar 14Guam Republican caucus6Closed
Sat, Apr 4Hawaii Democratic primary22Closed
Tue, Mar 10Hawaii Republican caucuses19Closed
Tue, Mar 10Idaho primary2032Open
Tue, Mar 17Illinois primary15567Open
Tue, May 5Indiana primary7058Open
Mon, Feb 3Iowa caucuses | Results4140Closed
Sat, May 2Kansas Democratic primary33Open
Tue, May 19Kentucky Democratic primary46Closed
Sat, Mar 7Kentucky Republican caucuses46Closed
Sat, Apr 4Louisiana primary5046Closed
Tue, Mar 3Maine primary2422Closed
Tue, Apr 28Maryland primary7938Closed
Tue, Mar 3Massachusetts primary9141Mixed
Tue, Mar 10Michigan primary12573Open
Tue, Mar 3Minnesota primary7539Open
Tue, Mar 10Mississippi primary3639Open
Tue, Mar 10Missouri primary6854Open
Tue, Jun 2Montana primary1627Open
Tue, May 12Nebraska primary2536Open
Sat, Feb 22Nevada Democratic caucuses36Closed
Tue, Feb 11New Hampshire primary | Results2422Mixed
Tue, Jun 2New Jersey primary10749Mixed
Tue, Jun 2New Mexico primary2922Closed
Tue, Apr 28New York primary22495Closed
Tue, Mar 3North Carolina primary11071Mixed
Tue, Mar 10North Dakota Democratic caucuses14Open
Fri, Mar 27North Dakota Republican convention29Closed
Sat, Mar 14Northern Marianas Democratic convention6Closed
Tue, Mar 17Northern Marianas Republican convention9Closed
Tue, Mar 17Ohio primary13682Mixed
Tue, Mar 3Oklahoma primary3743Closed
Tue, May 19Oregon primary5228Closed
Tue, Apr 28Pennsylvania primary15388Closed
Sun, Mar 29Puerto Rico Democratic primary51Open
Sun, Mar 8Puerto Rico Republican primary23Closed
Tue, Apr 28Rhode Island primary2119Mixed
Sat, Feb 29South Carolina Democratic primary54Open
Tue, Jun 2South Dakota primary1429Closed
Tue, Mar 3Tennessee primary6458Open
Tue, Mar 3Texas primary228155Open
Tue, Mar 3Utah primary2940Closed
Tue, Mar 3Vermont primary1617Open
Sat, Jun 6Virgin Islands Democratic caucuses6Closed
Thu, Mar 12Virgin Islands Republican caucuses9Closed
Tue, Mar 3Virginia primary9949Open
Tue, Mar 10Washington primary8944Mixed
Tue, May 12West Virginia primary2434Mixed
Tue, Apr 7Wisconsin primary7752Open
Sat, Apr 4Wyoming Democratic caucus14Closed
Sat, Mar 14Wyoming Republican convention12Closed

**Dates from US Presidential Election News website (Source: https://www.uspresidentialelectionnews.com/2020-presidential-primary-schedule-calendar/). As of 2/17/20