Campaign Information

Q99: What senior and/or advisory positions do Black women hold in your campaign for president? Please list names and positions.

Biden: The campaign has more than 30 Black women on staff at all levels of the campaign and in a wide array of different departments including, but not limited to, communications, political and organizing. Some examples include Senior Advisor (Symone Sanders), Political Director (Erin Wilson), Dr. Biden’s Communications Director (Sherice Perry), Director of Human Resources (Dalmyra Caesar), and Women Vote Director (Carissa Smith). We are proud that we are running a diverse and inclusive campaign.


  • Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington, D.C.: National Campaign Co-Chair.
  • Mayor London Breed of San Francisco, CA: National Co-Chair of Mike for Black America (our national outreach effort to engage Black voters)
  • Gail Marquis, former U.S. Olympian and basketball player: Leadership Council of Proud With Mike (our national outreach effort to engage LBGTQ+ voters)
  • Brynne Craig, Senior Advisor
  • Garnesha Ezedario Crawford, National Director of Black Outreach
  • Congresswoman Lucy McBath (D-GA)
  • Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett (D-USVI)
  • Mayor Aja Brown of Compton, CA: California State Co-Chair

Buttigieg: Our staff is 53% female and 47% male, and 46% of senior advisors and department heads identify as people of color. These include several Black women, including:

  • Sharon McBride (South Bend City Councilwoman), National Pete For America Campaign Co-Chair
  • Hasoni Pratts, National Engagement Director
  • Angela Angel, Engagement Director – Black Communities
  • Nina Smith, National Traveling Press Secretary
  • Arielle Brandy, Indiana State Director
  • Tiffany James, South Carolina Deputy Political Director
  • Rodericka Applewhaite, Senior Researcher for Rapid Response
  • Londyn Marshall, Investment Chief of Staff

De La Fuente: My campaign is primarily run by women of color.

Klobuchar: Senator Klobuchar is proud to have highly talented Black women serving at all levels of her campaign staff, including the campaign’s National Political Director, Deputy National Political Director, National Director of African American Outreach and others. She is committed to ensuring a talented, diverse team in her Administration.


53 Total
1FemaleBlackBallot Access Field Organizer
1FemaleBlackCanvass Director
1FemaleBlackChief of People & State Operations
1FemaleBlack or African AmericanCo-Chair / Senior Advisor
1FemaleBlackCommunications Associate
1FemaleBlackCommunications Coordinator
1FemaleBlackConstituency Organizer
1FemaleBlackDeputy Campaign Manager
1FemaleBlackDeputy Director of Scheduling and Advance
1FemaleBlackDeputy Director Scheduling & Advance – Production
1FemaleBlackDeputy Field Organizer
1FemaleBlackDeputy State Director
13FemaleBlackField Organizer
1FemaleBlackHBCU Organizing Manager
1FemaleBlackIowa Student Organizer
2FemaleBlackNational Advance Staff
1FemaleBlackNational African American Organizer
1FemaleBlackNational Distributed Canvassing Organizer
1FemaleBlackNational Payroll Manager
1FemaleBlackNational Press Secretary
1FemaleBlackNational Student Organizing Desk
1FemaleBlackOperations Coordinator
2FemaleBlackOperations Director
1FemaleBlackOperations Manager
1FemaleBlackPolitical Director
1FemaleBlackPress Assistant
1FemaleBlackProject Manager
2FemaleBlackRegional Field Director
1FemaleBlackDeputy Field Director
1FemaleBlackSenior Project Manager, Co-Chairs
1FemaleBlackState Director
1FemaleBlackStudio Producer

Steyer: According to a voluntary survey we conducted, 21.4% of my campaign staff are African American. Over half are women. And, about half of our campaign directors are people of color.

This is a testament to the time and effort that Jamiah Adams, our Diversity Equity Inclusion Director, has put in. We all are very proud of what she has accomplished.

African American women will not only have a seat at the table, they will be senior leaders, and play integral roles in my administration.


  1. National Diversity Equity Inclusion Director
  2. National Deputy Director, African American Outreach
  3. National Distributed Organizing Director
  4. Deputy State Director, California
  5. Organizing Director, SC
  6. State Director, AL
  7. State Director, TN
  8. Communications Director – South Carolina
  9. Special Assistant, Kat Taylor
  10. Production Coordinator
  11. Scheduling Coordinator
  12. Regional Organizing Director, SC
  13. RegionalOrganizingDirector-Columbia,SC
  14. Regional Organizing Director, SC
  15. Speechwriter
  16. Senior Project Manager
  17. Office Manager
  18. Distributed Organizing Manager
  19. Distributed Organizer
  20. Distributed Organizer
  21. Training Coordinator
  22. Political Organizer, SC
  23. CommunityOrganizer,SC
  24. Community Organizer, SC
  25. Community Organizer, SC
  26. Community Organizer, SC
  27. Community Organizer, SC

Warren: We are building a diverse campaign that lives the values we fight for everyday. Here are some of our key staff:

  • Rebecca Pearcey is our National Political Director and Senior Advisor
  • Michele Gilliam is our National Deputy Political Director
  • D’shawna Bernard is our Director of Black Outreach
  • Alencia Johnson is our National Director of Public Engagement
  • Elizabeth Gramling is our Chief Operating Officer
  • Dasheika Ruffin is our National Director of Community Engagement and Senior Advisor
  • Alycia Albergottie is our South Carolina State Director
  • Maya Slaughter is our South Carolina Political Director

On our communications team, we have

  • Gabrielle Farrell as our traveling our press secretary
  • Camonghne Felix, Director of Surrogates Communications and Black Media
  • Rabiah Elisa leads the efforts of our All In Community on the Mobilization Team
  • And now, we are grateful that Maya Rupert — the third Black woman to manage a presidential campaign — has joined our fight as a senior advisor.

Q100: How much or what percentage of your campaign budget is allocated for contracting with women owned firms/consultants and women of color firms in particular?

Biden: We do not collect this data.

Bloomberg: This figure is not currently publicly available.

Buttigieg: We intentionally and constantly track our investment in staff, contractors, and outreach to communities of color and women.

De La Fuente: No response

Klobuchar: Senator Klobuchar’s campaign is committed to ensuring a significant share of the campaign’s budget is allocated for contracting with women owned firms, including women of color firms.

Sanders: No response.

Steyer: Over 62%.

Warren: Our campaign employs few consultants. Two of them are Black women. Tracey Lewis consults on our early state and organizing efforts. Tracey was the deputy campaign manager for my 2012 Senate race, and served as a leader in my Senate office before joining this campaign. Latoia Jones also consults on our Black engagement and political efforts and was part of my 2018 re-election campaign.

Q101: What mechanisms does your campaign have in place to provide access to the Black Women’s Roundtable to help inform the candidates about the issues that
are important to the constituencies we represent?

Biden: The campaign is proud to have Women for Biden and African American outreach programs that are willing to work directly with the Black Women’s Roundtable in various venues, whether in-person roundtable discussions, teleconferences, or other means to make sure that issues important to the organization and community are addressed.

Bloomberg: We will make different members of our departments available to the Black Women’s Roundtable, so that the voice and interests of the community are integrated into our campaign’s strategy. We will add the Black Women’s Roundtable to receive regular updates from our political team, as well connect our state teams in places where the group has a footprint. Black women’s voices are valued and elevated in our campaign, and we will make every effort to ensure that all of the different departments of our campaign are available to the group.

Buttigieg: Our campaign is committed to hearing from stakeholders in the Black community. We have consistently reached out to members of the Black Women’s Roundtable regarding our policy plans and received feedback from Commissioner Sheila Tyson on Health Care and Patrice Lawrence, Esq. on Immigration issues. We would be happy to create an ongoing dialogue and if possible regular meetings/calls to discuss issues that are important to the constituencies you represent.

De La Fuente: No response.

Klobuchar: Senator Klobuchar and her team look forward to remaining in regular communication with the Black Women’s Roundtable and to seeking their input on the development of policies and programming.

Sanders: Bernie believes in working together to engage and motivate voters to fight for economic, social and racial justice – not just to win the presidency, but to help movements for justice all across the country. We look forward to working together on advancing our shared ideals and the ways to communicate them. We are grateful that members of the Black Women’s Roundtable have direct lines to our political director Analillia Mejia and other senior members of this campaign in order to work together to advance issues important to BWR.

Together, we will end systemic racism and create an economy and a government that works for all of us, not just the one percent.

Steyer: I​ would most like help with continuing to develop meaningful policies and refine pre-existing policies we’ve proposed to be better allies to the Black community. I would also like assistance with identifying talented Black advisors, consultants, activists and organizers to employ through our campaign.

Warren: Our campaign has made deliberate efforts to connect with leaders and thought partners about the best ways and platform we can engage black voters. We have utilized various avenues and models to ensure that we allow ultimate buy in across the board. For instance, some groups have formed direct relationships with our Policy team, and they lean in on specific issues impacting black communities. We have also partnered with groups to amplify engagement, voter contact and education in key states. These mechanisms are already in practice and would also be extended to the Black Women’s Roundtable.

Q102: Additional Comments.

Klobuchar: Comment for question 98: Senator Klobuchar believes that the Supreme Court should reflect the diversity of America. Senator Klobuchar was proud to nominate Mimi Wright, a highly esteemed African American judge for the federal district court under President Obama.